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Writer's Block: Dynamite with a laserbeam

Is there a specific song or band that makes you yearn for the past?

One Headlight.

New Videos and Stuff

I really do need to start using this thing to get at least some visibility in viable communities.

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Life Update- Jobs

The last two days have been some of the coolest of my life, and I've only been a PA on a webseries. Either I'm incredibly passionate or have very low expectations.

I've been shooting with this company called Valdean Entertainment, they make webseries, TV shows for the internet. Their current one takes place in Ocean City, a place I went a lot as a kid. They are filming at the Trimper's Amusement park I got lost at once as a kid. We even shot inside the haunted house.

I have screwed up quite a few times already on set, no lie, but I've also learned a lot, run a lot, and done every thing I can to get in good with the crew and feel like an "official" member, and not just a local PA. The fact is-- this is what I want from my life. I don't care if I'm at the lowest level- in fact I love it. I want it. I want to work my way up, not just be given the keys to the top of the tower with Silver Spoon in mouth.

And I'm going to earn it. This is my life, and I'm living it.

Same goes for Peanutbutter and SMS.


I have been making movies with my film club for years now at Salisbury University, but I don't think I've ever been more proud of a completed project, except maybe Conflict Now. But this is quite a landmark achievement, and I would like to share it with anyone that remembers me through LJ, and the rest of the world.


The video is only 10 minutes long, 9 with a 1 minute credit roll actually, and has a new level of special effects and sound editing.

We also made it in 6 days. The most efficient work I've ever done.

It will also be up in higher quality later on www.strikeaposefilms.com/films

I hope you all enjoy!  Maybe I'll start writing on here a little bit more if I get a response.



Sup, bitches?

New Years Resolution


Keep better track of my memories (via new camera jenny gave me)

Start spending money on things I don't need and save for things I want.

Get a real job.

Find a place to settle down in for at least a year that I own or rent by my own merit.

Make a REAL movie.

Give away my club to those who will run it when I die.

Start writing more on my blog or doing Max Action videos once every two weeks.

Review every movie I watch (even if its a one paragraph post)

Read more books.

Get another 3.5 or higher.

Get my Cumulative GPA above a 3.0 before I graduate.


Know what I want out of life at this juncture.

~Help me out everyone


Otakon 2008

If you're my friend and you're going to Otakon and you'd like to meet up with me at some point just go to my facebook or myspace pages and send me an email with your current cell number. I'll call you, meet up, film your costume, and chill for a bit. Or we can always tag along together. I have a lot of people to meet up with for the first time ever so I'm going to be going a little crazy. I do realize there's a lot of friends of mine from not-so-recent history that I'd like to see, so I'll be trying to meet up with you guys too.

Lemme know!
[22:17] DRAPTORJ: hey dude
[22:17] ltneutralx2: whats up
[22:17] *** Auto-response sent to ltneutralx2: I'm away right now.
[22:17] ltneutralx2: I am addicted to two songs now :(
[22:17] DRAPTORJ: just had a pretty good time.
[22:17] ltneutralx2: both paul oakenfold tracks
[22:17] ltneutralx2: yea?
[22:17] DRAPTORJ: Me and Thomas came up with like, a bunch of amazing ideas for the film club.
[22:17] DRAPTORJ: So its going to be sweet.
[22:17] ltneutralx2: awesome
[22:17] ltneutralx2: http://www.xanga.com/subspace82
[22:17] ltneutralx2: first two tracks
[22:18] DRAPTORJ: We're going to do a ticket-reward currency system.
[22:18] DRAPTORJ: to motivate participation
[22:18] DRAPTORJ: maybe give them salaries and shit.
[22:18] ltneutralx2: what are they used for
[22:18] ltneutralx2: thats cool
[22:18] DRAPTORJ: isn't set it off older?
[22:18] ltneutralx2: older?
[22:18] ltneutralx2: I just put both of those up
[22:18] DRAPTORJ: nvmd I'm retarded.
[22:18] DRAPTORJ: anyways.
[22:19] DRAPTORJ: two of the people working at Foreign Cinemas in Lakeforest mall are student film makers that wanna do the same kind of movies as us!
[22:19] DRAPTORJ: and they LOVE the movies I love.
[22:19] ltneutralx2: how did u show em?
[22:19] DRAPTORJ: So I got a new Ryuhei Kitamura film.
[22:19] ltneutralx2: your zune?
[22:19] DRAPTORJ: I didn't show them my movies.
[22:19] DRAPTORJ: No that would have been a good idea though.
[22:19] DRAPTORJ: I wrote down the link to my site and my facebook, hopefully they'll check it.
[22:20] ltneutralx2: cool
[22:20] DRAPTORJ: Me and Thomas are getting business cards soon though.
[22:20] DRAPTORJ: Either through kinkos or somewhere else if you got a better suggestion.
[22:20] DRAPTORJ: I need to pimp my shit ridiculously at Otakon.
[22:22] DRAPTORJ: Yeah.
[22:22] DRAPTORJ: So its all real good.
[22:22] ltneutralx2: awesome
[22:22] DRAPTORJ: God I gotta remember everything...
[22:22] DRAPTORJ: grrr.
[22:22] DRAPTORJ: Remembering is hard for me
[22:22] ltneutralx2: write down
[22:22] DRAPTORJ: Yeah
[22:22] DRAPTORJ: I pretty much Man-of-actioned Thomas into TAKE NOTES today.
[22:22] ltneutralx2: lol

This is a basic explanation of my unfortunate psyche. I can have the most amazing days and hardly ever remember having them. I need to write them out more. I keep planning on doing it, cause I know recording every day events will help me remember things better...

But I always forget doing that.

But today was a day of complete triumph, so I'm going to write about it right now.

Today I woke up nearly on time, only hitting my snooze button once. I have been waking up strangely into what has become a pattern of 5 AM waking life's. So I tend to need an extra half hour to make up for that weird break from the dream commercials.

I got up, talked to some people, tried to deal with a little bit of drama, and in the end forgot about it. This was a day for dreaming.

I got  out of my house, only 15 minutes behind, and magically arrived at my destination only 15 minutes behind. I was picking up my good friend Rob Ramirez, one of my best actors, supporters, and friends a guy can have. We went to lunch to discuss all things martial arts, spirituality, big plans, and film choreography. He seemed really excited to be trying it again. I'm really excited that he feels a passion burning inside of himself for it. I left filled with a flame I hadn't felt all summer. Rob looks like he's doing a lot better, and I feel it sorta ponging between us. Two positive people amounts to a lot in this world.

So I left Rob and drove up the street to MC to pick up Thomas England, my vice president and protege for the Future Film Makers Club at Salisbury University. It was pretty cool, the guy is really polite, very business like, and knows how to be natural and cool. Once he grows into it, he's going to be really great at relations and business. Politics essentially- which is exactly what the club needs. I'm a rogue leader, he's a group motivator. It'll work really well.

We go over to Army Surplus, I get my gloves for Otakon, and we head out. Its great cause the two guys didn't even make fun of us at the counter for being nerds- one of them was reading a comic book and they both asked when the convention was! Feelings just kept running up.

We go back to my house, I teach Thomas something fun- how to throw a knife. In a half hour he was able to hit the board 15 times the way I trained myself and through his own practice. I even taught him how to move between throws, and he picked up on it. He's such a great learner, that even past his communication skills I think that is his greatest strength and what makes us such a strong partnership. We worked on it a lot and he improved so quickly! We went inside to exchange movies cause I had a lot of his for a long time and wanted to let him borrow mine, plus he gave me the main piece of the costume I'll be needing- the damned coat! Boy, it's really going to need some modification.

After that, I made him sit down, get out a notebook and follow this very simple but universally important instruction: TAKE NOTES. Like I said in the conversation, I Man-Of-Actioned him into it. If you don't know what that means, go watch This Video

Thomas and I came up with Seven Events, an entire new Meeting Structure and even a Rewards system for the most vigilant club members for the next semester. I'll be completely confident in saying this: you guys who have stuck with us strong really have something to look forward to this next semester.

Let's see...I got side tracked by the amazing new Aliens game coming out. Check out this link here to see why I got confused: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/53815

And then...I emailed professor Moeder, a great guy and huge influence to the club who's really the only teacher who's been there for me every time I've needed sagely or even not-so-sagely advice for the club, for my movies, for life in general. A great friend whom I hope to get to know even better this semester. It's all been so great today. Hopefully we get a reply from him sometime soon.

Thomas and I gathered up all our ideas and decided it was time to take a break, so we went to the mall.  I invited Bob Novich and Sam Anderson. These are two guys who have been with me since my life truly began, and even if I give Bob crap sometimes and never completely know what to do about Sam (except enjoy plenty of GOOD TIMES!), I have the utmost faith and care for these two human beings. They've come through for me in ways no one else has and I truly appreciate it. We all met up, hung out at the food court, then walked around the mall, talking about movies, ideas, and chilling. Then we went to Foreign Cinemas in Lakeforest Mall- the greatest store ever and the number one reason to go to Montgomery County.

We went there, and as I said earlier, met two people who are also student film makers of the same variety. It was great. I'm so excited and hope they get in touch soon. I could see us all working in tandem towards something collectively great someday. This is the kind of community I'm looking for!

So we walked around a bit more, checked out FYE. Bob even explained some great ideas for the Peregrine Saga, which gave ME even more great ideas, and hopefully he'll be writing a short story as a prequel to our film, LINE OF SIGHT, soon to be posted at www.strikeaposefilms.com

So that was all accomplished...We parted ways, and some of my best friends of old got to meet one of my best friends of new, and they all hit it off. It's a good thing, bringing people together. I think its the number one reason I love my job so much.

That's right. My job. I'm never giving up on this, ever. Not after a day like today. I could cry because of how good I feel doing this.

I'm doing this. And it's amazing.

Thank you, everyone and anyone who's ever been a part of it.

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